Advertising Boycott of Racist, Sexist, Bigoted Techie Network

After our successful campaign against gentrifying capitalist Kevin Rose, he rushed off to Skype with Petaluma-based techie podcast network TWiT ( Host Leo Laporte bro’d down with him and gave him an outlet to share his unfounded frustrations wherein Leo opined that we must just be crazy.

We’re crazy? Crazy that the techie capitalist scum have driven us from our communities? Crazy that we should be a slave underclass so that a group can be cared for like 1st graders? We say no more!

But you know what is crazy? That your blatantly racist, sexist, culture appropriating network is still allowed to exist. That companies still buy advertising as you crush your heel down on marginalized groups everyday.

Let’s start with one of the most horribly bigoted and insane people in tech,whom you have on regularly. Let’s talk about John C. Dvorak.

Here was a great tweet from him last night where he can’t hold his racism back and mocks Al Sharpton’s pronunciation, calling him “a parakeet”:


Someone calls him out on it and is responded to with a block along with a chorus of racists defending him. Not surprising considering he runs a podcast called the “No Agenda Show” aimed at cagey white men who go to sleep at night nursing their assault rifles.


Not enough crazy? How about pushing the theory that the Sandy Hook massacre was a government conspiracy to designed to allow a gun ban.


Twenty peoples’ children were fucking slaughtered in a classroom and in tech it’s apparently okay to deny that it happened.

Watch him use his white male privilege to cut off Jill Duffy as she attempts to explain the very important issue of bias and sexism perpetuated by tech:

This misogynist wouldn’t allow the truth to be heard any longer.

Leo Laporte, a founding member of the TWiT network, has also spewed racist and culture appropriating drivel from time to time. Here he is thinking it’s okay to use the word “nigras”:

He also regularly appropriates and mocks non-white male Americans by putting on a hat and attempting a caricature of their accent.

All of this is accepted by tech and capital is allowed to flow to it… yet we’re the crazy ones? We advise that you re-evaluate your definition of crazy. In the mean time we’re organizing a boycott calling on all advertisers to cease business with them immediately. By supporting the TWiT network you’re supporting racism, misogyny, ethnocentrism, cultural appropriation, and other forms of bigotry.

We’re also calling on all anti-tech and social justice activists to help us comb through past TWiT podcasts and Twitter accounts of hosts to find more examples of bigotry to send to their advertisers.

The following is a complete list of TWiT’s advertisers:






DX Engineering

Full Sail University


GoToMeeting by Citrix


Icom America






Personal Capital




ShareFile by Citrix


Smile for Mac & iOS



Warby Parker


Capital is the driver of displacement and gentrification! We’re just getting started, expect more.